eLearning for Educators



"I greatly enjoyed this experience and feel that [the instructor] did an excellent and outstanding job as the facilitator/instructor. I would definitely take another on-line course and now would know what to expect. My students will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this experience for which I am grateful! Thank you!"

"I am planning to immediately share the information that I have learned from this course with my staff during our back to school in-service days. Our district has a new technology plan and the teachers are all receiving MAC books. I have lots of good information and resources to share."

"In the beginning I was experiencing difficulties just accessing the web page for the course and my instructor e-mailed me right away with helpful instructions. He also stayed in contact with me throughout the course constantly offering assistance if there were any problems along the way. If I sent an e-mail, there was always a reply the same day. This made me always feel like I was an important part of the class and motivated me to stay with it. I thought our instructor was excellent. this was my first time taking an on-line course and the experience was great. I didn't think I would learn this much."


Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource.

— John F. Kennedy