eLearning for Educators


Program Facts & Stats

The eLearning for Educators (eFE) initiative is a federally-funded eight-state collaboration that aims to address teachers’ growing need for access to high quality professional development. The eFE program seeks to remove schedule and location barriers, by creating an effective and sustainable model of online professional development for teachers, in each of the participating states. The ultimate goal of the eFE program is to improve teachers’ content knowledge, pedagogical practices and the achievement of their students. The successful implementation and management of the eFE program requires the cooperation of many key stakeholders, specifically, the eight participating states, Alabama Public Television (APT), Education Development Center Inc (EDC), as well as the inTASC and CSTEEP teams of Boston College. As an important aspect of the eFE initiative, Boston College is conducting an extensive evaluation to inform ongoing program improvement. To this end, the evaluation utilizes multiple methods and data sources to ascertain the extent to which the program is meeting its goals and objectives.


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